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Credit Unions a “Lifeboat” for Students Struggling with Debt?

Student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt and is predicted to cross $1 trillion this year

According to Emily Barker at Co-operative News, students may find a “saving grace” in credit unions.

While many banks have began to shy away from the student loan market, credit unions are still committed to providing fixed rate loans for students struggling with debt.

More than 130 credit unions nationwide have joined together to launch cuStudentLoans to connect students with not-for-profit lenders. cuStudentLoans now serves 2.1 million credit union members and has US$18 billion in combined total assets. Credit unions not only decrease the interest on student loans, but they actively encourage better debt management.

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Planning for Business Succession Doesn’t Have to Mean Retirement

Many business owners hesitate to plan for succession because they may not have a plan for what to do next. In actuality, planning for business succession doesn’t have to mean retirement.

I discuss some alternatives to the “succession planning=retirement” issue in a new post at the COSE Mindspring site. Let me know what you think!