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Owners at Work, Summer 2013–Now Available!

coverInside this issue:

  • How Risky Are Acquisition Loans for new ESOPs?
  • The 27th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference: Employee Ownership: Building Jobs, Wealth & Communities
    • “Your Story Makes the Difference.” J. Michael Keeling, ESOP Association, Morning Keynote Speech
    • “Is Employee Ownership Really Worth It?” Corey Rosen, National Center for Employee Ownership, Lunch Keynote Speech
  • Ohio’s Top 50
  • Book Review: Gar Alperovitz, What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution

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Cirque du Soleil to Perform at International Summit of Cooperatives 2012

Co-operative News announced that Cirque du Soleil will be performing at the 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec. Cirque du Soleil President and CEO Daniel Lamarre explained that cooperativism is a key component of everything that Cirque does;

When you look to an act of Cirque du Soleil, it’s probably the best example you can get of the cooperative model, because if you’re an artist and you do an acerobatic act you need the other one in order to perform at the level that you want to perform. So, I like to think that Cirque du Soleil is a good example for all the participants of this Summit.

You can read more about the Cirque du Soleil’s participation in the Summit and watch a video of Daniel Lamarre’s interview here.

New Set of Free Webinars for Current and Hopeful Business Owners

I just posted on our website a listing of our new series of webinars for business owners. And the best part is that through the support of the Ohio Department of Development and the US Department of Agriculture, they are still free to attend. The webinars cover a range of topics, including business succession planning, cooperative formation, and just plain good business planning.

The session dates and times are as follows:

  • May 26th, 2011, 10 am – Joint Leadership Teams: Why It’s a Smart Way of Doing Business – Presented by Sandra Kennedy, Jim Cowles, & Sandra Simon of the Ohio Labor-Management Cooperation Program
  • May 26th, 2011, 2 pm – Successful Business Cooperative Models in Practice –  presented by Scott Bagley of the Center for Cooperative Forest Enterprises 
  • June 2nd,  2011 ,  10 am – Transitioning a Private Business to a Worker Co-op –  Presented by Roy Messing of the Cooperative Development Center at Kent State University
  • June 7th, 2011, 10 AM – Charitable Planning and Business Succession: How Giving It Away Helps You Keep More – Presented by Laura J. Malone, Director of Gift Planning at AEF (American Endowment Foundation)
  • June 9th, 2011, 10 AM – Steps for Organizing a Worker Cooperative – Presented by Roy Messing of the Cooperative Development Center at Kent State University 
  • June 16th, 2011, 10 AM – Best Practices When Your Business is in Conflict or Turmoil – Presented by Jack Veale, President of PTCFO, Inc.