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Aspen Institute Website Hosts Library on Employee Ownership

The Aspen Institute is now host to the largest online academic repository of teaching and background materials on employee ownership. The resource, the Curriculum Library on Employee Ownership (CLEO) includes an impressive array of books, articles, case studies, and teaching materials on everything employee ownership. CLEO was a collaborative effort of the Aspen Institute’s Center for Business Education, the Foundation for Enterprise Development and the Employee Ownership Foundation.

It is definitely worth a look!

The Employee Ownership Effect: Evidence From the UK

The Aspen Institute has posted a paper from the Employee Ownership Association (UK) detailing the benefits of employee owned companies on employees as well as the overall UK economy. While the paper is focused on the impact of employee ownership across the pond, many if its findings echo the US experience. A particular point of convergence is that employee ownership by itself is not enough:

The benefits that can accrue to employees and businesses alike are not a given – they depend on the specific circumstances of employee ownership models, particularly around employee involvement and participation among others…

Also of relevance is the outlook for employee owned companies in a down economy:

Evidence suggests that employee-owned businesses are at least as likely, and in certain circumstances more likely, to survive difficult economic conditions than non-employee owned businesses.

The findings are further evidence of the power of employee ownership.