Succession Planning Library

The Buyer of Your Buesiness You May Not Have Thought About199.4 KiB452
Chris Cooper
from Owners at Work, Summer 2010
Employee Benefit Provisions of the New Tax Offer Opportunities to Employees64.3 KiB751
John Vine, Ann Moore, Richard Shea & Julia Edmond
Selling your Business to Your Employees through a Worker Cooperative - and to Shelter Your Capital Gain103.7 KiB751
Eric D. Britton & Mark C. Stewart
Short Version
Can A Cooperative be Both A Worker Cooperative and a Consumer Cooperative?41.8 KiB769
Eric Britton and Mark Stewart
Selling to Your Employees Through an ESOP95.2 KiB797
Steve Clifford and Alex Teodosio
Short - Term Success 4.6 MiB797
Mark Curtis and Richard Henry
Slides from the Cleveland Planning for Business Success Conference.
The Employee Cooperative as a Plan for Business Succession129.5 KiB928
Mark Stewart
Succession Plannig Using the Worker Co-op Option231.8 KiB1002
Peter Hough
A GR(E)AT Time For a GRAT95.8 KiB1038
Joseph Borowski and Brian Bornino
Selling your Business to Your Employees through a Worker Cooperative - and to Shelter Your Capital Gain64.7 KiB1170
Eric D. Britton & Mark C. Stewart
Full Version
Achieve Income Tax and Estate Planning Objectives: Have a Family Limited Partnership Sell Stock to an ESOP205.8 KiB1201
Mark Kossow
Who's Worthy Of The Throne?17.2 KiB1246
Thomas Roback, Jr.
The 1042 Rollover105.2 KiB1393
Alex Teodosio
Selling Liquidity and Succession Using An ESOP4.7 MiB1396
James Steiker
S-Corporation ESOPs: Right for Your Company?39.0 KiB1429
Mary Beth Gray
Do the Math: ESOPs Can Dramatically Increase Sellers' Proceeds99.1 KiB1457
Brian Bornino and Joseph Borowski
Webinar Slides: Selling Your Business to an Outside Buyer462.9 KiB1489
Andy Sathe
Transistions The ESOP Solution For Succession Challenges1.4 MiB1543
Stephen Magowan
Webinar Slides: The Uses of Life Insurance in Your Succession Plan77.4 KiB1761
James Aussem
Webinar Slides: Transferring a Business Through Gifting and Trusts226.9 KiB1865
Thomas Gilbride
Webinar Slides: Guide to Building an Effective Advisory Boards462.9 KiB2064
Dave Gaino
Webinar Slides: Family Dynamics in Business. Communicating Your Exit Plan1.9 MiB2242
Randall Fairfax
Webinar Slides: ABC's Family Succession Planning2.6 MiB2932
Charles Adler
Selling Your Business to Your Employees. ESOP & Worker Owner Coop2.9 MiB3529
John Logue, Bill McIntyre and the staff of the OEOC
COLI For ESOP Companies74.6 KiB3966
Robert Bye
The "Seven Deadly Sins" of ESOP Valuations108.7 KiB6534
Brian Bornino and Joseph Borowski