Reprints, Preprints & Papers On Employee Ownership Library

1991:2 Employee Ownership As A Strategy For Black Economic Empowerment648.2 KiB663
Joyce Baugh
1991:4 Hard Hats and Hard Decisions: The Evolving Union Role In Employee-Owned Firms916.4 KiB1192
Jim Bado and John Logue
1991:5 Demoncratc Theory and Antheoretical Democracy: Building Democratic Enterprises In the American Economy1.4 MiB1162
John Logue
1991:6 Developing Employee Stock Ownership in Chile: Preliminary Reflections605.4 KiB1015
Daniel Bell
1991:7 Understanding Ownership: ESOP Training in Large Employee-Owned Firms, Owner Education at Republic Engineered Steels Inc.748.6 KiB1050
Candace Moody and Catherine Ivancic
1991:8 Education For Enterprise Democracy694.4 KiB1542
John Logue, Daniel Bell, and Catherine Ivancic
1991:9 Making Better Decisions: Employee Participation at Reuther Mold and manufacturing808.8 KiB1276
Selma Ford
1992:1 Making Your ESOP More Than a Piece of Paper: Creating an Ownership Culture699.2 KiB1339
Jim Bado, Dan Bell, Cathy Ivancic and John Logue
1992:2 From Obstacles to Catalyst: Redefining the Role of Employee-Owner Supervisors966.9 KiB1014
Jim Bado and Daniel Bell
1992:3 Organized Labor as Organized Owners: Employee Ownership the American labor Movement966.9 KiB653
Jim Bado and John Logue
1992:4 Worker Ownership in Russia: A Possibility After the Command Economy316.7 KiB713
John Logue and Dan Bell
1993:2 Republic Engineered Steels, Inc. and the United Steelworkers of America: Courageous Co-leadership in a Changing Environment642.2 KiB970
Caherine Ivancic and Jim Bado
1993:3 Recasting Workplace Roles: Employee Involvement at Quincy Castings755.6 KiB966
Karen Thomas
1993:4 Employee Ownership In Ohio's Economy: Effect on Job Growth, Corporate Performance, and Employee Involvement (A Preliminary Report)1.8 MiB1127
John Logue and Heather Cross
1993:5 Developing Participation at Republic Storage Systems: A study in Labor/Management Cooperation874.3 KiB957
Selma Ford
1993:6 Privatization in Russia in a context of Economic Reforms of EconomicReforms1993474.4 KiB634
Victor Supyan
1995:1 A Steelworker Solution: When All Else Failed The Bought the Shop280.9 KiB670
Stephen Clifford
1995:2 Privatization in Russia: Early Results and Future Developments664.9 KiB627
Victor Supyan
1995:3 The Evolutionary Journey of the Steelworkers' Employee Ownership Policy1.5 MiB1010
Matthew LaBo
1995:5 Forging a New Future? Employee Ownership Participation at Erie Forge and Steel667.3 KiB914
Allan Concoby & Matt LaBo
1996:1 Training Union Member for Employee Ownership659.9 KiB924
John Logue
1996:2 Designing a Model Outreach Program for Business Succession in closely Held Firms1.7 MiB688
Stephen Clifford and John Logue
1997:1 Achoring Capital, Secoring Jobs: Employee Ownership as an Economic Strategy664.4 KiB543
John Logue
1997:2 Lessons from Employee Ownership in The United States and Canada1.1 MiB726
John Logue
1997:3 New Employee Orientation to the ESOP257.2 KiB1217
Karen Thomas
1998:1 Can the Fed Fight An Effective War on Poverity?510.6 KiB637
Dan Bell
1998:3 Restructuring Elinar: A Case Study of Russian Management Reform, Decentralization, and Diversification 1.0 MiB523
John Logue and Olga Klepikova
1998:4 State Use of JTPA Funds for Preliminary ESOP Feasibility Studies 788.4 KiB504
John Logue, Richard Glass, and John Grummel
1998:5 Rustbelt Buyouts Why Ohio Leads in Worker Ownership288.4 KiB503
John Logue
1999:1 Who Will Inherit the "Workers' Paradise?" Worker Ownership and Enterprise Efficiency in Russian Privatization 1.8 MiB697
John Logue and Dan Bell
1999:2 "Is Employee Ownership the Answer to Family Business Succession?"703.2 KiB765
Alex Teodosio
1999:3 Worker Ownership American Style: Pluralism, Participation, and Performance1.1 MiB677
John Logue & Jacquelyn Yates
1999:4 State Use of JTPA Funds for Preliminart ESOP Feasability Studies788.4 KiB361
John Logue, Richard Glass and John Grummel
2000:1 Modeling ESOP Company Management for Better Operations and Profits667.9 KiB388
Jacquelyn Yates
2000:2 Western Experience with Building Hight Performance Company Networks435.2 KiB429
John Logue & Dan Bell
2000:3 Modeling an Employee Ownership Sector353.2 KiB512
John Logue and Jacquelyn Yates
2000:4 Is Employee Ownership the Answer to Family Business Succession?1.1 MiB513
Alex Teodosio
2000:5 The Triple Transition of Energia756.2 KiB571
John Logue and Olga Klepikova
2000:6 Restructuring Elinar: A Case Study of Russian Management Reform, Decentralization, and diversification1.0 MiB381
John Logue and Olga Klepikova
2001:1 Who WIll Inherit the "Workers' paradise?" Worker Ownership and Enterprise effiency in Russian Privatization1.4 MiB455
John Logue and Dan Bell
2002:2 It's a Give and Take Thing: An Employee-Owner's Story289.1 KiB487
Dianna Tillman, Karen Thomas
2002:3 Employee-Owned Enterprises: American Experience and Russian Practice465.9 KiB458
Igor Risin and Dan Bell
2004:1 The Changing Face of Employee Ownership in Ohio1.2 MiB902
Jacquelyn Yates
2005:1 Productivity in Cooperatives and Worker-Owned Enterprises: Ownership and Participation Make a Difference3.2 MiB1990
John Logue and Jacquelyn Yates
2009:1 Continuity and Chane Over 25 Years of Ohio ESOP Companies210.8 KiB539
John Logue and Jacquelyn Yates
Are Buyouts to Avert Shutdown Worth the Effort?825.3 KiB568
from Owners at Work: Summer 1994
Company Networks Imporve Performance2.0 MiB728
from Owners at Work: Winter 2011
How Do You Bargain With Yourself? Collective Barganining in Employee0Woned Firms2.1 MiB649
from Owners at Work: Winter 1996
Investing Pensin Money with a Purpose102.6 KiB334
from Owners at Work: Summer 2002
Is Employee Ownership Better for Your Health?6.6 MiB876
David Erdal
from Owners at Work: Winter 2011
Is Kelso the Answer to the Global Economy1.5 MiB636
from Owners at Work: Winter 1997
New Evidence Shows Impact of Ohio's Employee-Owned Network233.7 KiB245
from Owners at Work: Summer 2004
Promoting Labor-Friendly Investments206.6 KiB790
Joel Solomon
from Owners at Work: Summer 2002
Thinking Globally, Acting Locally; Subnational Strategies to Promote Employee Ownership62.9 KiB521
John Logue
From Owners At Work: Summer 2001
Training and Involvement Pay Off in Improved Operations and Profits262.0 KiB304
from Owners at Work: Summer 2005
When Employee Ownership Makes Sense2.2 MiB622
from Owners at Work: Winter 1997