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  • -What does it mean to think like an owner?
    -Selling Your Business to Employees…When an ESOP Doesn’t Fit
    -OAW Interviews: State E-O Centers
    -OEOC Friend of the Center Campaign
    -OEOC Annual Report
    -Highlights from the 30th Annual Ohio
    -Employee Ownership Conference
    -In Memoriam: Richard Abbott
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Archived issues of Owners At Work:

Owners at Work: 1992 Spring 3.1 MiB870
Ohio's Employee Owners Produce Award-Winning Performances
Making Better Decisions: Employee Participation at Reuther Mold
Owners Share ESOP Insights: What advice would you give someone considering an ESOP?
"Talking Stock" in a Newly-Formed ESOP by Mike Bailey of Quincy Castings
Total Workforce Responsibility: A Network Joint Venture
Owners at Work: 1993 Spring 4.0 MiB823
Table of Contents
Study Shows that ESOPs are Good Business for Ohio
Does Employee Ownership Have a Role in Russia's Future?
Quincy Casting is Remolding Itself as an ESOP
Employee Owners are Providing New Ideas by Diane Kruis of Mantaline
Owners at Work: 1993 Winter 4.5 MiB1135
Table of Contents
Employees Bring Plabell out of Bankruptcy
Does Ownership + Participation + Training + Information = Performance?
Owners Speak Out
Values, Strategies, and Our ESOP by Lee Morgan of Antioch Publishing
New COntract, New Investment at Republic
Owners at Work: 2009 Winter 4.2 MiB2662
-Employee Ownership News
-Ohio ESOP News
-Employee Owners Revive Their Company - Maumee Authority Stamping
-ESOPs in the Auto Industry: Round 2? - Corey Rosen
-Cleveland Goes to Mondragon
-Spanish Lessons
-Network News
-Voices of Ohio’s Pioneer Employee Owners
-An Open Letter to President Obama
-Managing Your ESOP Company in a Recession
-Succession Planning Program
-In Memoriam - Rich Biernacki, Norm Brennan, Rick Judy
-Book Reviews
-Upcoming Network Events
OAW Fall:Winter 2016 Full Final Fall Winter 201616.2 MiB416
Owners at Work: 1989; Volume I, No. 1 (Spring) 4.0 MiB1540
Ohio Legislature Creates Employee Ownership Assistance Program
Changing Times at Reuther Mold and Manufacturing
Books on Employee Ownership
Reviving Smokestack America: Employee Ownership at Bliss-Salem
Employee Ownership: Strategy for Economic Stability
Employee-Owned Companies Explore Cooperation
Employee Board Members Study Their Unique Role
Owners at Work: 1989; Volume I, No. 2 (Winter) 4.9 MiB1518
Steelworkers Vote to Create Republic Engineered Steel
New Federal Legislation May Aid Buyouts
Network Connects Ohio's Employee-Owned Firms
Employee Ownership Week Celebrated at Ohio's Employee-Owned Enterprises
ESOP Great (and Unfulfilled) Expectations by John O'Leary of Republic Storage System
New Study Debunks ESOP Myths
Owners at Work: 1990; Volume II, No. 1 (Spring) 5.2 MiB1254
Employee Ownership with a Twist...of Vodka: Employee Leasing is a Growing Phenomenon in the USSR
Employee Buyout at Plymouth Locomotive Saved Jobs, Company
A Better Way of Doing Business by Jim Carrol of Fastener Industries
Elwell-Parker Electric Moving from Family to Employee Owned
Owners at Work: 1990; Volume II, No. 2 (Fall) 5.1 MiB1402
Sasser Bill Could Change the Way America Works
ESOP Plays a Key Role in Expansion at Park Farms
Community Development Loan Fund Provides Investment Opportunity
The Ownership Octagon by Karl Reuther of Reuther Mold and Manufacturing
Owners at Work: 1991 Fall 3.0 MiB699
Peers Educate Peers at Republic Engineered Steels
Employee Involvement at Republic Storage: A Learning Process
Governance in Employee-Owned Enterprises
A Service Industry Approach to Employee-Owner Involvement by Bob Bracci of The James B. Oswald Company
Owners at Work: 1991 Spring 3.0 MiB705
Employee Ownership: A Tool for Business Succession
Getting into the Flow at Fluid Regulators
Cooking Up YSI's ESOP--Or What's an SDT? by Nan Harshaw and Basil Zabek of YSI
New GAO Study Raises Provocative Questions
Ohio Employee-Owned Firms Find Purchasing Power in Numbers
Owners at Work: 1992 Fall 3.1 MiB697
Table of Contents
The Ohio ESOP Lending Environment
City Pride Bakery Opens in Pittsburgh
Big Things are Happening at Sharon Manufacturing
Owners Speak Out On: The Role of Non-Managerial Employee Board Members
If It comes Too Easy, It Isn't Worth Owning by Bill Becker of the H.C. Nutting Company
Supervisors: From Obstacles to Catalysts
Owners at Work: 1994 Summer 3.6 MiB685
Sharpsville Quality Products: 19802 problems, 1930s tactics and 1990s solutions
Owners Speak Out: What Advice Would You Give to Someone Considering an Employee Buyout?
Are Buyouts to Avert Shutdown Worth the Effort?
YSI Inc. is named ESOP Company of the Year by ESOP Association
Managing an Employee-Owned Comany by Norm Brennan of Dimco-Gray
Ohio Legislature Renews Employee Ownership Assistance Act
Owners at Work: 1995 Summer 5.7 MiB642
Table of Contents
Buckeye Corrugated brings everyone into the fold
Steelworkers Launch Worker Ownership Institute
From Skepticism to the Worker Ownership Institute: Lynn Williams and Jim Smith on the Steelworkers' ESOP Policy
Anchoring Capital in Communities: Moral and Practical Visions by Bishop James W. Malone
Anchoring Capital and Jobs: Spotlight on Regional Investment Funds
Labor-sponsored Venture Capital Corporations in Canada by Sherman Kreiner
New Capital Strategies for Local Manufacturing: The Industrial Valleys Investment Corporation by Joseph Brute, Jr.
Owners at Work: 1995 Winter 4.0 MiB728
Table of Contents
Employee Buyout Saves Producers Service
Ohio Employee Owners Visit Russian Counterparts
Employee Ownership & Participation: A Combination that is Tough to Beat by Jim Keogh and Peter Kardas
Art Scharinger of Floturn: Facing Repurchase Obligation - Floturn Style
Owners at Work: 1996 Summer 3.7 MiB696
Employee Ownership in the 21st Century
Reinvesting Locally: An Update on Canadian Labor-Sponsored Investment Funds
Are ESOPs as Good as other Pension Plans?
Where is your pension money invested?
Succession Planning Program: A Job Retention Partnership
Owners at Work: 1996 Winter 4.4 MiB613
Buyout puts drivers behind the wheel, Of their own company!
Investing in the Future: Republic Brings CAST-ROLL(tm) Facility on Line
When Employee Owners Sell
How Do You Bargain With Yourself?: Collective Bargaining in Employee-Owned firms
Global economy, global reading
Owners at Work: 1997 Summer 4.9 MiB723
Do Labor and Community Investment Funds Make Sense in the US? The SVA says it’s worth trying
Safety Management At Westfield Tanning Company
Shutdowns, Buyouts, and Jobs: It's time to recognize employee and community rights
Managing Owners to Bring Plabell out of Bankruptcy
The Crocus Fund Takes Off
Anchoring Capital, Securing Jobs: In a Global Economy, how do we anchor capital and jobs in Ohio?
Owners at Work: 1997 Winter 3.8 MiB673
When Democratic ESOPs Fail: Causes of failure in majority employee-owned firms
The Flood Company: Closing the Knowledge Gap in an Open-Book Culture
FORGING A PARTNERSHIP: Implementing employee participation at Erie Forge & Steel
New Work Systems: Redesigning Work
Owners at Work: 1998 Summer 4.0 MiB643
Table of Contents
Employees Win! Brainard Rivet Re-opens
New Investment Fund Targets Unionized Firms and Employee Ownership
Creating a Successful Ownership Culture
Update: Crocus Fund Begins to Bloom
Owners at Work: 1998 Winter 6.3 MiB664
Am Air Takes Off
ESOPs: An Asset for Sharon Township
OEOC to Administer Prefeasibility Grants
Dinner at the Madison: Louis Kelso meets Russell Long by Norman G. Kurland
Is Kelso the Answer to the Global Economy?
Subchapter S ESOPs - Opportunity & Controversy
Targeting Investment, Anchoring Capital
When Employee Ownership Makes Sense
OEOC Goes Online
Owners at Work: 1999 Summer 6.4 MiB654
Olmsted Falls Plant Goes Employee Owned
Wealth & Income Effects of Employee Ownership
Will America Be 30% Employee Owned in 2010?
Ford Funds COG Virtual Think Tank
COG Supplement
Why is Shared Capitalism Needed?
Washington Steel Survives--Again
Social Investment Fund Helps ESOPs
New Book on Kelso's Economic Theory
Crocus Fund Blossoms in Manitoba
Investing in Ohio's Future
Owners at Work: 1999 Winter 4.1 MiB633
Trouble in Paradise? Employees Sell Republic Engineered Steels, Strike Republic Storage
Louis Kelso Made Simple
A Matter of Trust by Per Ahlstrom
Owners at Work: 2000 Summer 6.3 MiB669
Envisioning Employee Ownership, Part Two
ESOPs Create Market for Exiting Shareholders
Employee Ownership and the Labor Movement by Lynn Williams
Ohio ESOP News
2000 Ohio Employee Ownership Conference Building on a Quarter Century of ESOPs
In Memoriam: Bishop James Malone
Legislative Future of Employee Ownership by J. Michael Keeling
Lessons of Mondragon's Employee-Owned Network by Karen Thomas
Succession Planning Program Expands
Owners at Work: 2000 Winter 6.5 MiB676
Envisioning Employee Ownership, Part One
Steel Crisis Hits Employee-Owned Firms
Employee Ownership in the Airlines by Mark Miller
Transforming Workers Into Owners
Repurchase Obligation Challenges and Solutions for Sub-S ESOPs
How Have Employee-Owned Companies Fared?
Whither Employee Ownership? by Corey Rosen
Louis Kelso's Economic Vision for the 21st Century by Norman G. Kurland and Dawn K. Brohawn
Capital Ownership Group Goes Online
-Jeremy Best, Owning Your Own Job: Employee Ownership in Action (London: Partnership Resarch, 1999). 88pp
-Larkspur Data's Pension/Benefit DataMaster (CD-ROM)
Owners at Work: 2001 Summer 4.5 MiB888
The Steel Crisis and Employee Ownership
Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Together We Stand Stronger
OEOC and Ohio Council of Cooperatives Launch New Committee
15th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network 2001 Program Schedule
New Tax Bill Effects ESOPs
From Mondragón to Ohio: Building Employee Ownership
Ownership for All: International Conference Promotes Employee Ownership
Business Owner Succession Planning Program
Kent State Orders Logo Products from Co-op
Crocus Fund Grows in New Directions
Owners At Work Co-sponsors
Owners at Work: 2001 Winter 6.1 MiB650
Envisioning Employee Ownership, Part Three: Half-Dozen Bold New Ideas for Spreading Capital Ownership by Deborah Groban Olson and Alan Zundel
Does Employee Ownership Have a Role in Sweden? by Per Ahlstrom
Company Networks Improve Performance
Development of Cooperatives and Employee Ownership, Quebec Style by Luc Labelle
Ohio Legislature Renews Employee Ownership Assistance Act
In Memoriam: William F. Whyte
Too Good to Be True? Russians Visit Ohio Employee-Owned Companies
Owners at Work: 2002 Summer 2.3 MiB1027
Editorial: Lessons from the Enron Debacle
New ESOPs, New Management Methods
Our Pension Money and Our Jobs:
Investing Pension Money with a Purpose
Promoting Labor-Friendly Investments
Capital and the Current Economic Crisis
Heartland’s Landmark Fund Up and Ready
Update on the Crocus Fund
New Employee Ownership Funds Take Shape
Leading & Managing Owners: Teamwork
Building Better Communities: The 2002 Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
Ohioans Win ESOP Awards
OEOC Welcomes Bill McIntyre to Staff
In Memoriam: Donald K. Day
Broadening Ownership Builds Stronger Communities
Majority Ownership Improves Firm Performance
Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network Upcoming Events
ESOP Association’s 10th Employee Owners Retreat
Owners at Work: 2002 Winter 6.6 MiB915
Table of Contents
Is Employee Ownership Better for Your Health?
Employees Buy Appleton Papers
Employee Ownership on European Union Agenda
Securing the Future of Subchapter S ESOPs
New Congressional Scrutiny of Employee Ownership
Update: The Steel Crisis Worsens
Crocus fund Grows, Renews Winnipeg
The Power of NEON: YSI’s New Employee Orientation Network
Employee Ownership and Community Commitment
16th Annual Employee Ownership Conference
The Real World of Employee Ownership
Network News
Center Will Miss Departing Staff Member
2002 Network Schedule of Programs
New Financial Game for Employee Owners
Job Opening at the OEOC
Succession Planning Program Seminar Schedule
Employee Ownership for Democracy
Owners At Work Sponsors
Owners at Work: 2003 Summer 2.9 MiB824
ESOPs: The Legacy of Russell Long
Braun & Steidl Architects Break New Ground
Employee Ownership Bank for the U.S.?
Bank Could Have Saved Massillon Stainless
Cooperatives Honor Ohio Reps. Oxley & Kaptur
How Can We Humanize Globalization?
Employee Ownership Added to OSU Curriculum
Investing Worker’s Capital for Ohio’s Workers and Pensioners
Lessons for Employee-Owned Companies
Employee Ownership: Renewing the Vision
Network News
Jet Rubber: Ten Years of ESOP Success
Ohioans Sweep National ESOP Awards
Owners At Work Sponsors
Owners at Work: 2003 Winter 4.2 MiB1070
Teamwork Trumps Enron Debacle at ACRT
Fastener Industries Wins Business Ethics Award
Editorial: United Airlines
Worker Owned Restaurant Promotes Healthy
Entrees and Entrepreneurs
ACEnet Boosts Sustainable Farming Growth in Southeast Ohio
How to Sell Your Business to Your Employees through a Worker Cooperative – and to Shelter Your Capital Gain
Savings through Group Purchasing for Network Members
Network News
Ohio's Employee-Owned Network 2003
Upcoming Events
COG Goes to Washington
Globalization, Decent Work and Ownership:
The ILO Perspective
Turnover , Absenteeism and Participation
Book Review: The Divine Right of Capital
OAW Sponsors
Owners at Work: 2004 Summer 1.6 MiB986
Great Lakes Sailors Want to Own Their Ships
Southwest Flies High with Employee Ownership
Ohio’s Top 50 ESOP Companies
New Evidence of Network’s Impact
Davey Tree Stands Tall With Employee Ownership
Ohio Gives Confidence Vote to Employee Ownership
Employee Ownership Bank Update
CCHD Contributes to Loan Fund
Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network News
Employee Owner Retreat
Positions Available
Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network Events
In Memoriam: Dave Scott
Owners At Work Index
Owners At Work Sponsors
Owners at Work: 2004 Winter 1.5 MiB1083
Great Lakes Sailors Want to Own Their Ships
Southwest Flies High with Employee Ownership
Ohio’s Top 50 ESOP Companies
New Evidence of Network’s Impact
Davey Tree Stands Tall With Employee Ownership
Ohio Gives Confidence Vote to Employee Ownership
Employee Ownership Bank Update
CCHD Contributes to Loan Fund
Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network News
Employee Owner Retreat
Positions Available
Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network Events
In Memoriam: Dave Scott
Owners At Work Index
Owners At Work Sponsors
Owners at Work: 2005 Summer 3.6 MiB1097
Fastener Industries: 25 Years of Stability & Prosperity
New Tax Hits Ohio S-Corp ESOPs
A Life Ended Too Soon—Jan Stackhouse
Training and Involvement Pay Off
OEOC Director Receives Honorary Doctorate
20 Misconceptions About ESOP Fiduciary Responsibility and Liability
Highlights from the 19th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
Michael Keeling: Why Isn’t Employee Ownership Part of the Ownership Society?
Ohio’s Award-Winning ESOPs
Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network
Upcoming Events
Book Reviews
Owners At Work Sponsors
Owners at Work: 2005 Winter 3.2 MiB950
New ESOPs Secure Employees’ Future
What Makes ESOPs Work?
ESOP Purchases 100% of Contract Sweepers
A Tale of Three Sales
How to Succeed in an Employee-Owned Business
Sailors’ Efforts still Afloat
Unique ESOP Provision at RJ Martin
VEOC Gets Grant
Producers Service Marks a Decade
In Memoriam: Vladimir Tarasov
Antioch’s ESOP Pays Benefits of $94 Million
Antioch Wins Business Ethics Award
Ohio ESOP Association Chapter Celebrates 15 Years of Success
Ohio’s Employee Owned Network 2005 Events
Book Review: Democratic Capitalism
Michael Keeling: Onward and Upward for E SOPs after 2004 Elections
Newsletter Sponsors
Owners at Work: 2006 Winter 3.1 MiB861
Tax Panel Would Eliminate ESOPs
First Use of 1042 Rollover in a Co-op at Select Machine
Economics, Cooperation, and Employee Ownership: The Emilia-Romagna Model
New Co-op Restaurant in NYC
Employee Owner Retreats
Conference Endorses Policy for Economic Fairness
A Lesson for ESOP Trustees
20th Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network News
Network 2006 Program of Events
Cleveland Community Hiring Hall Aids Laborers
Jan Stackhouse Scholarship Established
North Community Construction Co-op Founded
Leahy Boosts Vermont’s Employee Ownership
Another Paper Mill Employee Buyout?
Business Succession Planning Program Expands
Books in Brief
Owners At Work Sponsors
Owners at Work: 2006- Summer 4.2 MiB2427
Table of Contents
Employee Ownership News
- Hoover
- NewPage
- Republic Storage Systems
- Vermont Acts for Employee Ownership
- Akron Beacon Journal
- Economically Targeted Investment Fund
- Tax Reform Threat to ESOPs
Ohio ESOP News
- Alloy Engineering
- OH/KY ESOP Association Chapter Awards
Feature Stories
- The Ohio Employee Ownership Top 50
- 20th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference Keynote Address - Corey Rosen, “That Sort of Sounds of Like Socialism to Me”
- 20th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference Highlights
- Emilia Romagna’s Success: A Model for Ohio’s Manufacturing: OAW Interview
Succession Planning Program Grows
New In Print: The Company We Keep: Reinventing Small Business for People, Community, and Place, by John Abrams
Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network News
2005 Friends of the Center Honor Roll
Owners At Work Sponsors
Owners at Work: 2007 Winter 1.6 MiB2193
Table of Contents
Employee Ownership News
-Hoover Sold to Competitor from Hong Kong
-From One Employee-Owned Company to Another
-Blue Heron Paper Becomes 100% Employee-Owned
-Pension Protection Act Sets New Vesting Schedules for ESOPs
-Bush Tax Reform Panel Proposals Still Alive
-ESOPs Have New Deadline for Filing IRS Determination Letters
-Prairie Labour/Worker Co-op Council Pursues Worker Buyout Strategy
Feature Stories
-“...The Time May Have Come to Rethink the Concept of an ESOP”—Judge Posner Ignites a Firestorm
-“Employee Ownership is an Opportunity”—Steve Sheppard’s Keynote
-Address from the 20th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
-Binary Economics—The Economic Theory That Gave Rise to ESOPs
-Employee Ownership Measures Up with Social Accounting—Triple Bottom Line Reporting at The Antioch Company
-Highlights of 2006 Great Workplace Forums
Network News
2007 Network Program of Events
Owners at Work Sponsors
Owners at Work: 2007- Summer 1.6 MiB2166
Table of Contents
-Employee Ownership News
-Ohio ESOP News
-The Tribune Company ESOP: Billionaires Discover ESOPs
-“What we are talking about today is based upon a moral platform and a moral foundation.” - Lt. Governor Lee Fisher’s Keynote Address, 21st Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
-21st Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference Breaks Records
-“We wish to remain independent and employee-owned forever.” - Doug Cowan, Chairman, Davey Tree Expert Company, Keynote Address, 21st Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
-More Jobs, Less Outsourcing for Ohio ESOPs
-Network News
-Book Review: Robert Smiley, et al, Employee Stock Ownership Plans
-Upcoming Network Events
Owners at Work: 2008 Winter 2.8 MiB2622
-Employee Ownership News
-Ohio ESOP News
-Minding the Planet - Sustainability Reporting at YSI
Does Membership in Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network Pay?
-The Ohio Employee Owned Top 50
-“I Wanted the Stock to be Shared With the Employees Who Helped Build the Company. And That’s Exactly What We Did.” - Interview with Dr. J. Robert Beyster
-Book Review: The SAIC Solution
-Network News
-Upcoming Network Events
Owners at Work: 2008- Summer 2.7 MiB2495
Table of Contents
-Employee Ownership News
-Co-op Improves Quality of Caregiving in Wisconsin - Margaret Bau
-Homecare Co-op Builds Social Capital
-“Why Would You Want to Turn Your Employee Owners Into Venture Capitalists?” - Dave Heidenreich
-Eight Ways to Foster Innovation
-OEOC Annual Conference Continues to Grow
-“When you have employee trust, employees will do anything for the company to make it successful.” - Joseph Cabral
-Network News
-Friends of the Center Honor Roll
-OEOC Goes to Hollywood...
-Book Review: David M. Binns, Employee Financial Participation: An International Survey
-Upcoming Network Events
Owners at Work: 2009- Summer 3.9 MiB2515
-Employee Ownership News
-2008-2009 Friends of Center Honor Roll
-Green Cleaning Co-ops Offer Better Work and Pay
-Minimize Surprises in ESOP Repurchase Obligation
-“Are ESOPs Sustainable?” - Keynote Address - Peter Paquette
-23rd Annual Conference Recap
-Revitalizing Communities Through Employee Ownership - Keynote Address- Bob Eckardt
-Evergreen Cooperative Laundry Begins Construction
-OAW Co-Sponsors
-Upcoming Network Events
Owners At Work: 2010 Winter2.8 MiB4885
Employee Ownership News 3
Expansion Strategy: Incubated Startups at EBO 7
30 Years of ESOP Success at Davey Tree Experts
Unsolicited Offers to Buy: What to Do?
Network News
Expanding Outreach for new ESOPs and Coops
In Memoriam: John Logue
Book Review: Matt Hancock, Compete to Cooperate
Index to Owners At Work Volumes 16-20
Upcoming Network Events
Owners At Work: 2010-Summer 3.9 MiB3369
Ohio ESOP News/Employee Ownership News 3-5;
One Way to Kill an ESOP Ownership Culture 6;
“Xtek: Our Rocky Road to Success” - Kyle Seymour 7;
“Can We Have Enfranchised Workers and a Successful Business?” - Betty Sutton
Friends of the Center Honor Roll 11;
Recap of the 24th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference: Going Forward With A Vision 12;
“Mitigating the Great Recession with Employee Ownership” - Bruce Herman 14;
My ESOP Has Terminated: When Do I Get My Money? 15;
Network News 16;
The Business Succession Planning Page 17;
Ohio’s ESOP Top 50 18-19;
Co-Sponsors 20-23
Owners At Work: 2011 Winter 2.4 MiB2853
Employee Ownership News 3
Ohio Employee Ownership News 5
“There Is So Much Future In What We Do” - Casa Nueva 6
Multi-stakeholder Cooperative 9
A New Approach to Outside Offers 10
A Veteran and a Novice Look At ESOPs 12
Opinion: Valuators Should Not Be Fiduciaries 14
Friends of the Center Honor Roll 15
Network News 16
OEOC News 18
OEOC Sources and Uses of Cash 18
Evergreen Cooperatives Are Taking Root and Growing 19
Protect Your Culture of Ownership 20
Book Review: Shared Capitalism at Work 21
Co-Sponsors 22-23
Upcoming Network Events 24
Owners At Work: 2011- Summer 4.2 MiB1749
Ohio Employee Ownership News 3
Employee-Owned Cooperatives in the UK 6
"...A Place Where People Want to Work..." - 25th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference Address - Jeff Evans, President and CEO of the Will-Burt Co. 9
Highlights From the 25th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference fold-out
"Into That Abyss Comes A Village Priest..." - 25th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference Address - Michael Peck, US Representative of the Mondragon Cooperatives 15
A New Approach to Outside Affairs - McIntyre Follows Up 17
Benefit or Certified "B" Corporations: A Concept Relevant for ESOP Companies 18
Network News 19
Employee Involvement in Managing Healthcare Boosts Profits and Saves Lives 20
Co-Sponsors 22-23
Upcoming Network Events 24
Owners At Work: 2012 Spring 1.2 MiB1735
Ohio Employee Ownership News 3
Guest Commentary: The Value of Employee-Owned Companies 12
ESOPs Can Be Part of the Answer to Low-Wage Manufacturing 13
Five Misconceptions About ESOPs Relationship to 401k Plans 15
Network News 17
Is There an Ideal ESOP Plan? 19
An Early Diversification Program: A Worthy Addition to an Ideal ESOP Plan 24
Owners at Work: 2012 Summer 2.4 MiB1041
Ohio Employee Ownership News 3
Guest Commentary: Impact on ESOPs of Supreme Court Decision re Affordable Care Act - David Whaley, Dinsmore & Shohl 8
“Why do we keep finding that worker-owned firms are more productive?” - 26th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference Address - Dr. Joseph Blasi, Rutgers University 10
Highlights From The 26th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference 14
Ohio Employee Ownership Center Awards 17
You’ve Got an ESOP, Can You Keep It? 19
Employee Ownership and the 99% 24
Network News 26
Book Review: Owning our Future 27
Owners at Work: 2013 Spring4.1 MiB1289
We the Owners: Telling the Employee Ownership Story With Images–An Interview with Mary Ann Beyster
George Cheney Returns to Mondragon
The Myth of the ESOP as a Gift
OEOC Answers Questions About Crowdfunding
The Cooperative Development Center at Kent State University: Celebrating the “International Year of the Cooperative”
Ohio ESOP Update: Ohio’s ESOP Companies Regain Ground Lost to the Great Recession, While Paying Almost $16 billion to Retirees and Beneficiaries
Owners at Work: 2013 Summer9.4 MiB1259
How Risky Are Acquisition Loans for new ESOPs?
“Your Story Makes the Difference.” J. Michael Keeling, ESOP Association, Morning Keynote Speech
The 27th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference: Employee Ownership: Building Jobs, Wealth & Communities
“Is Employee Ownership Really Worth It?" Corey Rosen, National Center for Employee Ownership, Lunch Keynote Speech
Ohio’s Top 50
Book Review: Gar Alperovitz, What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution
Owners at Work: 2014 Winter2.8 MiB1069