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Factors in Forming a Homecare Worker’s Cooperative 18.3 KiB1402
Margaret Bau
The 1042 rollover co-op: An affordable ESOP alternative18.8 KiB880
John Logue
This article appeared in the Beyster Institute’s Leading Companies Online Magazine in 2005.
Taxation of Patronage Dividends from Worker Cooperatives32.5 KiB4700
Gregory R. Wilson
Are they Subject to Employment Tax?
What is an Employee Cooperative?34.6 KiB9947
John Logue
What is an Employee Cooperative?
How does it work?
An introduction for employee-members
John Logue
Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Kent State University
A Cooperative Solution36.5 KiB1440
Riccardo Lotti, Peter Mensing, and Davide Valenti
Can A Cooperative be Both A Worker Cooperative and a Consumer Cooperative?41.8 KiB1637
Eric D. Britton & Mark C. Stewart
Can “Anchor Institutions” Help Revitalize Declining Neighborhoods by Buying from Local Cooperatives? The Evergreen Cooperative Initiative 44.8 KiB2732
Jacquelyn Yates
Employee Cooperative as a Plan for Business Succession45.0 KiB1060
Mark Stewart
text only
Local Development in Emilia-Romagna: Alternatives in Action 45.3 KiB1770
Matt Hancock, Center for Labor & Community Research
The 1042 roll-over cooperative in practice: Select Machine47.9 KiB1309
John Logue
Selling to Your Employees through a Worker Cooperative - and Sheltering Your Capital Gain64.7 KiB1365
Eric D. Britton & Mark C. Stewart
Market Pressures Meet Social Values in North-Central Italy 73.2 KiB1095
Matt Hancock, Center for Labor & Community Research
The Cooperative District of Imola Forging the High Road to Globalization77.0 KiB743
Matt Hancock, Center for Labor & Community Research
Cooperative Information Reports from the USDA82.1 KiB1182
Economics, Cooperation, and Employee Ownership: The Emilia Romagna mode87.3 KiB1649
John Logue
Short Version
How to Sell Your Business to Your Employees through a Worker Cooperative – and to Shelter Your Capital Gain103.7 KiB1281
Eric D. Britton & Mark C. Stewart
Short Verson
Employee Cooperative as a Plan for Business Succession106.4 KiB2716
Mark Stewart, Shumaker Loop & Kendrick
An Interview with Matt Hancock of the Center for Labor and Community Research107.5 KiB823
PDF interview w/ pictures
Homecare Co-op Builds Social Capital155.3 KiB852
Wilson Majee
...Build Enterprises with Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives175.2 KiB1799
Ashley Hernandez
Business ownership succession and employee ownership: Why & How178.5 KiB1829
John Logue
From Mondragon to Ohio: Building Employee Ownership 184.3 KiB2115
ohn Logue. Article from Owners At Work (Summer 2001)
Co-Op Brochure186.8 KiB2451
Small Business Ownership Succession: The Cooperative Solution
Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives209.7 KiB531
Margaret Lund
Co-op Improves Quality of Caregiving in Wisconsin212.7 KiB757
Margaret Bau
Succession Planning Using the Worker Co-op Option231.8 KiB790
Peter Hough, Canadian Worker Co-op Federation (CWCF)
Cooperatives, the brewing pots for social capital258.3 KiB2548
Wilson Majee
An exploration of social capital creation in a worker-owned homecare cooperative
Spanish Lessons: Employee-Owned Companies in Ohio on a Mass Scale?274.2 KiB1556
John Logue. Article from Owners At Work (Winter 2008/2009)
Cooperatives and the Creation of Social Capital: The case of Caring Home Services in Rural Wisconsin.277.9 KiB1758
Wilson Majee
Journal of Cooperative Thought and Practice: Employee Ownership Is Good for Your Health355.0 KiB3024
Cooperative Capital: What it is and why our world needs it; Continuity and Change Over 25 Years of Ohio ESOP Companies; A Tale of Two Communities; The longitudinal effect of limited-equity housing cooperatives
Employee Owned Cooperatives in the U.K. Are Rich in History and Promise for the Future383.0 KiB1044
Bill McIntyre
Efforts to Adapt the "Evergreen Co-ops" across the Nation456.1 KiB930
Steve Dubb, The Democracy Collaborative
Cooperatives 101541.3 KiB1074
Margaret Lund
Cleveland Goes to Mondragon581.0 KiB2382
Jim Anderson, OEOC and CEO, Evergreen Cooperative Laundry
Transitioning Private Business to an Employee/Worker-Owned co-op: A Community Development Tool681.1 KiB1209
Roy Messing
Sustainable Jobs, Sustainable Communities: The Union Co-op Model828.5 KiB765
Rob Witherell, Chris Cooper, and Michael Peck
Lesson of Mondragon's Employee-Owned Network1.3 MiB1770
Karen Thomas. Article from Owners At Work (Summer 2000)
Economics, Cooperation, and Employee Ownership: The Emilia Romagna mode1.5 MiB2097
John Logue
Full Version
Evergreen Takes Root1.6 MiB3441
Jacquelyn Yates
Sharing our Success1.9 MiB1121
Leslie Schaller (Casa Nueva)
Homecare Worker Co-ops: Implications for Sectoral Strategies2.8 MiB1702
Margaret Bau, USDA Rural Development
Greater University Circle Initiative: Creating Cleveland's 21st Century Community,2.9 MiB1027
Bill McIntyre
Greater University Circle Initiative3.6 MiB1822
Jim Anderson
Writing the Next Chapter for Anchor-Based Redevelopment Initiatives
Business Ownership Succession through Employee Ownership 4.6 MiB1911
John Logue
A Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives Manual6.6 MiB1015
"Multi-stakeholder cooperatives (MSCs) are co-ops that formally allow for governance by representatives of two or more “stakeholder” groups within the same organization, including consumers, producers, workers, volunteers or general community supporters."
Multistakeholder Co-op Manual6.6 MiB7574