Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference Library

Presentations from previous Ohio Employee Ownership Conferences contain much material about ESOPs.  They can be found under the year of the conference.

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ABCs of ESOPs for Retiring Owners. ESOP Feasibility and Valuation Basics 94.7 KiB891
Richard A. Schlueter, ComStock Valuation Advisors
ABCs of Stock Valuation for Employee-Owners 203.5 KiB591
Radd Riebe, Stout Risius Ross
Age 55 Diversification 521.9 KiB948
Dorn Swerdlin, Swerdlin & Company
Age 55 Diversification 66.4 KiB390
Tina Fisher, Principal Financial Group
Age 55 Diversification 738.3 KiB615
Dorn Swerdlin, Swerdlin & Company
Age 55 Diversification from A to Z 46.9 KiB692
Tina Fisher, Principal Financial Group; Kent Mann, Thompson Hine; Hugh Reynolds, Crowe Chizek; and Carolyn Zimmerman, Blue Ridge ESOP Associates
Appleton Papers 868.6 KiB851
Jimmy Allen, Appleton, USW Local 266
Approaches to Value 111.4 KiB576
Scott Miller, Enterprise Services, Inc
Bardons & Oliver Company Overview 969.3 KiB890
Bill Beattie, Bardons & Oliver
Basic Steps for Fiduciary Compliance 4.1 MiB661
John Banasek, Prairie Fiduciary Advisors
Basics of ESOP Fiduciary Responsibility and Liability 146.5 KiB1264
Dale R. Vlasek, McDonald Hopkins LLC
Benefit Corporations and the Legal Foundations of the Governance Processes for ESOP Companies137.8 KiB529
Stephen Magowan, Steiker, Fischer, Edwards & Greenapple, P.C.
Best Practices for Integrating Projected ESOP Purchase Obligations with Company Financials644.2 KiB1429
Tine DiCroce, Mark R. Fournier, Merri E. Ash, and Robert E. Brown
Best Practices in Governance & Leadership 487.6 KiB503
David L. Moffatt (PRC)
Best Practices in Managing, Governance & Strategic Planning in ESOPs 55.2 KiB504
Mary Pat Salomone, Marine Mechanical Corporation
Best Practices in the Development, Maintenance, and Enhancement of Worker-Owned Cooperative Culture88.9 KiB307
George Cheney and Ashley Hernandez
Mid-Term Report on Kelso Fellowship Project
Rutgers University, January 2013
Highlights, OEOC Conference, April 2013
Beyond the Buzzwords for High Performance 23.0 KiB754
Rich Bohan, NEO Center for Labor Management Cooperation at WINOC
Beyond the Buzzwords for High Performance. Improving Team Performance within ESOP’s 143.2 KiB517
Mike Culbertson, PT Tech
Building an Ownership Culture: Helping Employees Think Like Owners147.8 KiB312
Oswald Companies
Casa Nueva: Worker-Owned Cooperative 1.1 MiB619