Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference Library

Presentations from previous Ohio Employee Ownership Conferences contain much material about ESOPs.  They can be found under the year of the conference.

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The Employee Buyout Process: Options to Explore, Questions to Ask, Steps to Take 179.2 KiB676
Deborah Olson, Law Office of Deborah Groban Olson; William Vogelgesang, South Franklin Street Partners
The Employee Ownership Society: Vision & Implementation. Governance, with Focus on Board Membership 48.1 KiB813
Helen Morrison, Deloitte & Touche
The Great Recessions Impact on ESOP Valuation, Financing and Restructuring of Existing Loans 380.6 KiB1263
Kim Abello, ESOP Advisory Group; Merri Ash, First Bankers Trust Services; Richard Schlueter, ComStock Advisors; Mary Sullivan Josephs, Evergreen Private Capital Advisors, LLC
The Growing Responsibilities of ESOP Trustees, 888.9 KiB802
Ben Wells, Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP
The Growing Responsibilities of ESOP Trustees: Are Internal Trustees Too Risky? 114.2 KiB594
Marilyn Marchetti, GreatBanc Trust Company
The Incidence and Effects of New Participatory Employment Systems: International Evidence 89.2 KiB514
Takao Kato, Colgate University
The New ESOP Transaction Model & Capital Tools for ESOP Transactions. New Transaction Model for Going from Partial to 100% ESOP Ownership 624.8 KiB642
Joe Putt, ComDoc, Inc.
The Path To 100% ESOP Ownership1.0 MiB1069
Ben Wells, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP; Julie Williams, Chase; Ted Lape, Lazear Capital Partners
Key considerations and steps involved in transitioning to 100% ESOP ownership.
The YSI Story 477.3 KiB479
Deb Stottlemyer, YSI
Transitioning Private Business to an Employee/Worker-owned Co-op 681.1 KiB393
Roy Messing
A Community Development Tool
Using ESOPs as an Acquisition Strategy314.3 KiB1451
Timothy J. Regnitz, Phillip DeDominicis, Lyn A. Archer, Kim S. Abello
Using ESOPs for Mergers and Acquisitions. Acquisitions by ESOP-Owned Corporations – The Competitive Advantage 39.9 KiB437
Ron Gilbert, ESOP Services, Inc.
Using ESOPs for Mergers and Acquisitions. Investment Bankers as Advisors to ESOP Companies 60.1 KiB468
Kreg Jackson, Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin
Valuing ESOP Shares 88.2 KiB712
Lee Bloom, Duff & Phelps, LLC
What To Do with Excess Cash 561.3 KiB769
Leslie Lauer - UBS Financial Services, Inc.
When Do I Get My Money? ESOP Benefit Distribution Rules 573.3 KiB2323
Cecilia A. Loftus, ESOP Economics, Inc.; Van Olson, Van Olson Law Firm, LLC; Pete Shuler, Benefit Plan Services; Florence Zabarsky, Zabarsky & Associates, LLC
Why we need more employee ownership in Ohio 124.9 KiB648
John Logue, Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Worker‐Ownership Model: Sharing Our Successes 2.3 MiB807
Leslie Schaller, Worker‐Owned Restaurant Corporation Casa Nueva, Business Director and Founder
You Want to Do What With Your ESOP?615.9 KiB1015
Barbara Clough, Blue Ridge ESOP Associates; Kjersti Cory, BTC ESOP Services/Bankers Trust Company; Kristy Britsch, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
Your ESOP Individual Account Statement364.2 KiB2552
Barbara M. Clough, Joel Davis, Florence Zabarsky
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