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Presentations from previous Ohio Employee Ownership Conferences contain much material about ESOPs.  They can be found under the year of the conference.

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Partial Plan Terminations and Other Hassles:98.5 KiB783
Barbara Clough, Blue Ridge ESOP Associates, Inc.; Thomas Potts, Jr., Fiduciary Trust Services, Inc.; James Steiker, SES Advisors, Inc.; Richard Tanner, Ownership Advisors, Inc.
Step-by-Step Process for Selling Your Business to Your Employees. Financing an ESOP 99.2 KiB438
Kurt Nichols, LaSalle Bank
The Path To 100% ESOP Ownership1.0 MiB1073
Ben Wells, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP; Julie Williams, Chase; Ted Lape, Lazear Capital Partners
Key considerations and steps involved in transitioning to 100% ESOP ownership.
How Can I Affect the Bottom Line? 100.1 KiB832
Ulrich Nehring, ACRT; Jay Simecek, Ohio Employee Ownership Center; Floyd Griffin, Patio Enclosures
Complexities Regarding Age 55 Diversification102.2 KiB539
Kent L. Mann, Thompson Hine LLP
ESOP Admin Land Mines & How To Avoid Them102.7 KiB219
Florence Zabarsky, Zabarsky & Associates, LLC
Strategic Alternatives to Avoid a Have/Have Not Culture105.8 KiB654
David R. Johanson Johanson Berenson LLP; Joseph E. Marx, Principal Financial Group
Minority vs. Majority Minority vs. Majority ESOPs: Issues and Opportunities 107.0 KiB731
Bob Massengill, SES Advisors
ABCs of ESOP Stock Valuation for Employee Owner. Employee Stock Ownership Plans: Basics of ESOP Stock Valuation 107.8 KiB1005
Richard Schlueter, ComStock Valuation Advisors, Inc.
Forecasting, Funding and Handling Repurchase Obligation and Age 55 Diversification: Basic Rules 110.4 KiB416
Lynette A. Golly, CEBS
Approaches to Value 111.4 KiB576
Scott Miller, Enterprise Services, Inc
ESOP Administration: How to Build an Effective Relationship between the Company and the Outside ESOP Administrator. Special Situations Between the Company and the TPA 112.0 KiB673
Pete Shuler, Crowe Chizek and Company, LLC
ESOP Fiduciary Responsibility 112.5 KiB829
Jeff Gelburd, Murray Risk Management & Insurance
ESOP Committee Success Stories 11.3 KiB894
Chris Aguilar, R.J. Martin Electrical Contracting
Casa Nueva: Worker-Owned Cooperative 1.1 MiB619
The Growing Responsibilities of ESOP Trustees: Are Internal Trustees Too Risky? 114.2 KiB595
Marilyn Marchetti, GreatBanc Trust Company
Governance and Strategic Planning in ESOPs 114.4 KiB466
Lisa Durham, Kreig DeVault LLP
Planning For The Inevitable: Developing Models for Projecting ESOP Repurchase Obligations & Analyzing the Results1.1 MiB2281
Tina DiCroce, ESOP Economics; Barbara Clough, Blue Ridge ESOP Associates; Michael J. Moldvay, Bober, Markey, Fedorovich; David Reyes, Maloney & Novotny
Effective Ideas for Creating an Ownership Mentality1.1 MiB1001
Larry Kelly, Fastener Industries/Buckeye Fasteners; Jim Limbird, Janotta and Herner; Jennifer Watson, The Ruhlin Company
Control vs. Minority Interests and Marketability Discounts for ESOPs 118.8 KiB4432
Richard A. Schlueter, Comstock Valuation Advisors
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