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Presentations from previous Ohio Employee Ownership Conferences contain much material about ESOPs.  They can be found under the year of the conference.

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Effective Ideas for Creating an Ownership Mentality1.1 MiB1004
Larry Kelly, Fastener Industries/Buckeye Fasteners; Jim Limbird, Janotta and Herner; Jennifer Watson, The Ruhlin Company
ABCs of ESOP Stock Valuation for Employee Owner. Employee Stock Ownership Plans: Basics of ESOP Stock Valuation 107.8 KiB1005
Richard Schlueter, ComStock Valuation Advisors, Inc.
You Want to Do What With Your ESOP?615.9 KiB1021
Barbara Clough, Blue Ridge ESOP Associates; Kjersti Cory, BTC ESOP Services/Bankers Trust Company; Kristy Britsch, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
ESOP Legal Update 64.1 KiB1037
Tim Jochim, Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter
ESOP Committees Build for Success 215.2 KiB1037
Jennifer Phillips and Deb Stottlemeyer, YSI
ABCs Of ESOPs For Employee Owners1.3 MiB1052
Mary Giganti, Waldheger Coyne; Neil Brozen, BTC ESOP Services; Brian Hector, Morgan, Lewis, Bockius
ABCs of ESOP Stock Valuation for Employee Owner. Valuation of companies and their securities for ESOP purposes: methods of valuation 127.6 KiB1056
David McCoy, Business Valuations, Inc.
Comments on Valuation/Repurchase Liability Issues in ESOP Sustainability 260.4 KiB1061
David Light, American Working Capital/Yucaipa Company
The Path To 100% ESOP Ownership1.0 MiB1074
Ben Wells, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP; Julie Williams, Chase; Ted Lape, Lazear Capital Partners
Key considerations and steps involved in transitioning to 100% ESOP ownership.
ESOP Trustees – Current Issues & Legal Update. Insurance to Protect ESOP Trustees 78.1 KiB1095
Jeff Gelburd, Marsh USA
ESOP Admin Land Mines & How To Avoid Them466.4 KiB1105
Pete Shuler, Crowe Horwath LLP
Projecting ESOP Repurchase Obligations: Methods & Factors to Concider 39.7 KiB1106
Cecilia Loftus, ESOP Economics, Inc.
Communication Ideas & Strategies 489.5 KiB1144
Prentke Romich Company
Tax Incentives for S-Corp ESOPs and Their Related Additional Regulations and Implications. Repurchase Obligation Issues in S Corporation ESOPs 43.7 KiB1173
Cecilia Loftus, ESOP Economics
Emerging Trends in ESOPs: Acquisitions & Divestitures & Current Market Conditions 383.4 KiB1176
David Engel, ComStock Advisors; Brian Bornino, GBQ; Phillip DeDominicis, Menke & Associates, Inc.; Robert E. Brown, ESOP Plus
Communication Ideas & Strategies: The Monopoly Game1.2 MiB1188
Martha Kimura & Renée Bissett, ACRT, Inc
Communication Committees1.6 MiB1196
Norman Jentner
If not Pandora's Box or a Pancea, What is Effective Communication Among Employee-Owners? Experiences SHared
ESOP Legal Update 126.6 KiB1199
Mary Giganti
Managing The Repurchase Obligation487.0 KiB1212
Tina DiCroce, ESOP Economics, Inc.; Tina Fisher, SES Advisors, Inc.; Ann Caresani, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP
Forecasting repurchase obligations early on in the life of an ESOP can help with understanding how aspects of plan design, amortization of the internal loan, the repurchase method, or funding strategy in place might impact the company's ability to manage the ESOP down the road.
Technical Issues: Update for S Corp ESOPs 89.6 KiB1260
Helen H. Morrison, Deloitte; Becky Hoffman, Principal Group; Hugh Reynolds, Crowe Chizek and Company LLC; Tim Jochim, Jochim Co., LPA
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