2012 Conference Library

ABC's of Business Valuations266.4 KiB488
Thomas A. Clevenger
ABC's of ESOP Stock Valuation303.5 KiB1243
Nels Carlson
Trustee Perspective on Valuation Process
ABCs Of ESOP Stock Valuation251.4 KiB1138
Scott D. Miller and Mark B. Bober
ABCs Of ESOPs For Employee Owners 152.2 KiB341
Tina Fisher
ABCs Of ESOPs For Employee Owners152.2 KiB620
Tina Fisher
Best Practices for Integrating Projected ESOP Purchase Obligations with Company Financials644.2 KiB1094
Tine DiCroce, Mark R. Fournier, Merri E. Ash, and Robert E. Brown
Communication Committees1.6 MiB973
Norman Jentner
If not Pandora's Box or a Pancea, What is Effective Communication Among Employee-Owners? Experiences SHared
ESOP Legal Update292.2 KiB812
Tim Jochim, Van Olson, Kim S. Abello, and Lance Studdard
ESOPs--Accounting Issues and Considerations 191.1 KiB6265
Peter J. Chudyk
Greater University Circle Initiative3.6 MiB519
"Writing the Next Chapter for Anchor-Based Redevelopment Initiatives"
Involving Employees in Corporate Governane259.8 KiB608
Ben F. Wells and Jim Ruhlin
Leadership Opportunity3.5 MiB666
Ginny Vanderslice and Keith Nichols
Building a High Performance Ownership Culture
Models for Worker-Owned Cooperatives209.7 KiB296
Multi-Stakeholder cooperatives
Overview of ESOP Benefits and Structure259.4 KiB441
Brian Hector (Morgan Lewis & Bockius
Regional Food Hubs: Linking Producers to New Markets1.3 MiB225
Leslie Schaller, Worker‐Owned Restaurant Corporation Casa Nueva, Business Director and Founder
Selling Your Business to Your Employees185.4 KiB760
Richard A. Schlueter, Comstock Valuation Advisors
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) Financial Feasibility and Business Valuation
Selling Your Business to Your Employees429.3 KiB428
James Steiker
Sharing Financial Information1.2 MiB760
Alex Freytag and Kevin Martin
Why Can't Everyone See What I See?
Special Issues for S Corp ESOPs941.4 KiB2215
Mary Giganti, Pete Shuler, Ken Swerwinksi, Andrew J. Kulesza
S Corp Basics by Mary Giganti
409(p) Issues by Pete Shuler
Repurchase Obligation Issues by Ken Serwinski
Have and Have Not Issues by Andrew J. Kulesza
Succession Planning: Best Practices in a Minority ESOP522.6 KiB425
Brian FitzGerald, Bob Taylor and Jack Veale
Factors for Long-Term ESOP Company Success
Sustainable Jobs, Sustainable Communities: The Union Co-op Model828.5 KiB373
Rob Witherell, Chris Cooper, and Michael Peck
Taking Evergreen on the Road456.1 KiB282
Steve Dubb
Efforts to Adapt the "Evergreen Co-ops" across the Nation
Transitioning Private Business to an Employee/Worker-owned Co-op 681.1 KiB349
Roy Messing
A Community Development Tool
Using ESOPs as an Acquisition Strategy314.3 KiB1152
Timothy J. Regnitz, Phillip DeDominicis, Lyn A. Archer, Kim S. Abello
Your ESOP Individual Account Statement364.2 KiB1811
Barbara M. Clough, Joel Davis, Florence Zabarsky