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What is an Employee Cooperative?34.6 KiB10076
John Logue
What is an Employee Cooperative?
How does it work?
An introduction for employee-members
John Logue
Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Kent State University
What is an Employee Cooperative?21.4 KiB506
John Logue
What To Do with Excess Cash 561.3 KiB770
Leslie Lauer - UBS Financial Services, Inc.
When Democratic ESOPs Fail: Causes of failure in majority employee-owned firms3.1 MiB982
When Do I Get My Money?121.2 KiB4080
Bill McIntyre
From Owners at Work, Summer 2010
When Do I Get My Money? ESOP Benefit Distribution Rules 573.3 KiB2324
Cecilia A. Loftus, ESOP Economics, Inc.; Van Olson, Van Olson Law Firm, LLC; Pete Shuler, Benefit Plan Services; Florence Zabarsky, Zabarsky & Associates, LLC
When Employee Ownership Makes Sense2.2 MiB622
from Owners at Work: Winter 1997
Who's Worthy Of The Throne?17.2 KiB1253
Thomas Roback, Jr.
Why we need more employee ownership in Ohio 124.9 KiB648
John Logue, Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Worker Owned Restaurant Promotes Health Entrees and Entrepreneurs2.2 MiB1702
Karen Thomas