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1997:2 Lessons from Employee Ownership in The United States and Canada1.1 MiB726
John Logue
1997:3 New Employee Orientation to the ESOP257.2 KiB1217
Karen Thomas
1998:1 Can the Fed Fight An Effective War on Poverity?510.6 KiB638
Dan Bell
1998:3 Restructuring Elinar: A Case Study of Russian Management Reform, Decentralization, and Diversification 1.0 MiB523
John Logue and Olga Klepikova
1998:4 State Use of JTPA Funds for Preliminary ESOP Feasibility Studies 788.4 KiB504
John Logue, Richard Glass, and John Grummel
1998:5 Rustbelt Buyouts Why Ohio Leads in Worker Ownership288.4 KiB503
John Logue
1999:1 Who Will Inherit the "Workers' Paradise?" Worker Ownership and Enterprise Efficiency in Russian Privatization 1.8 MiB697
John Logue and Dan Bell
1999:2 "Is Employee Ownership the Answer to Family Business Succession?"703.2 KiB766
Alex Teodosio
1999:3 Worker Ownership American Style: Pluralism, Participation, and Performance1.1 MiB677
John Logue & Jacquelyn Yates
1999:4 State Use of JTPA Funds for Preliminart ESOP Feasability Studies788.4 KiB361
John Logue, Richard Glass and John Grummel
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