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1993:4 Employee Ownership In Ohio's Economy: Effect on Job Growth, Corporate Performance, and Employee Involvement (A Preliminary Report)1.8 MiB1129
John Logue and Heather Cross
1993:5 Developing Participation at Republic Storage Systems: A study in Labor/Management Cooperation874.3 KiB958
Selma Ford
1993:6 Privatization in Russia in a context of Economic Reforms of EconomicReforms1993474.4 KiB635
Victor Supyan
1995:1 A Steelworker Solution: When All Else Failed The Bought the Shop280.9 KiB671
Stephen Clifford
1995:2 Privatization in Russia: Early Results and Future Developments664.9 KiB627
Victor Supyan
1995:3 The Evolutionary Journey of the Steelworkers' Employee Ownership Policy1.5 MiB1011
Matthew LaBo
1995:5 Forging a New Future? Employee Ownership Participation at Erie Forge and Steel667.3 KiB914
Allan Concoby & Matt LaBo
1996:1 Training Union Member for Employee Ownership659.9 KiB926
John Logue
1996:2 Designing a Model Outreach Program for Business Succession in closely Held Firms1.7 MiB688
Stephen Clifford and John Logue
1997:1 Achoring Capital, Secoring Jobs: Employee Ownership as an Economic Strategy664.4 KiB543
John Logue