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1991:6 Developing Employee Stock Ownership in Chile: Preliminary Reflections605.4 KiB987
Daniel Bell
1991:7 Understanding Ownership: ESOP Training in Large Employee-Owned Firms, Owner Education at Republic Engineered Steels Inc.748.6 KiB1029
Candace Moody and Catherine Ivancic
1991:8 Education For Enterprise Democracy694.4 KiB1495
John Logue, Daniel Bell, and Catherine Ivancic
1991:9 Making Better Decisions: Employee Participation at Reuther Mold and manufacturing808.8 KiB1216
Selma Ford
1992:1 Making Your ESOP More Than a Piece of Paper: Creating an Ownership Culture699.2 KiB1291
Jim Bado, Dan Bell, Cathy Ivancic and John Logue
1992:2 From Obstacles to Catalyst: Redefining the Role of Employee-Owner Supervisors966.9 KiB991
Jim Bado and Daniel Bell
1992:3 Organized Labor as Organized Owners: Employee Ownership the American labor Movement966.9 KiB626
Jim Bado and John Logue
1992:4 Worker Ownership in Russia: A Possibility After the Command Economy316.7 KiB683
John Logue and Dan Bell
1993:2 Republic Engineered Steels, Inc. and the United Steelworkers of America: Courageous Co-leadership in a Changing Environment642.2 KiB919
Caherine Ivancic and Jim Bado
1993:3 Recasting Workplace Roles: Employee Involvement at Quincy Castings755.6 KiB929
Karen Thomas