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Meeting Agenda 14.4 KiB337
Buyout Assistance: Steps in a Buyout 15.1 KiB841
Judge Posner16.3 KiB578
ProMem 2017 Registration16.8 KiB61
Employee ownership and economic development in Ohio 16.9 KiB434
Doug Cowan, Davey Tree Expert Company
Buyout Assistance: Key Questions 16.9 KiB1003
Who's Worthy Of The Throne?17.2 KiB1251
Thomas Roback, Jr.
Responses: Keith Robertson on the employee owners' view 18.0 KiB956
Factors in Forming a Homecare Worker’s Cooperative 18.3 KiB1410
Margaret Bau
The Coco Company as an Antidote to Private Equity 18.3 KiB705
Richard Reeves