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Projecting ESOP Repurchase Obligations: Methods & Factors to Concider 39.7 KiB1084
Cecilia Loftus, ESOP Economics, Inc.
Responses: Ben Wells on financial commitment and employee ownership 13.6 KiB969
Responses: Joseph Blasi and Douglas Kruse on the research 10.0 KiB1269
Responses: Michael Keeling on "the intent of Congress" 6.9 KiB959
Owners at Work: 1993 Winter 4.5 MiB1167
Table of Contents
Employees Bring Plabell out of Bankruptcy
Does Ownership + Participation + Training + Information = Performance?
Owners Speak Out
Values, Strategies, and Our ESOP by Lee Morgan of Antioch Publishing
New COntract, New Investment at Republic
Owners at Work: 2009 Winter 4.2 MiB2748
-Employee Ownership News
-Ohio ESOP News
-Employee Owners Revive Their Company - Maumee Authority Stamping
-ESOPs in the Auto Industry: Round 2? - Corey Rosen
-Cleveland Goes to Mondragon
-Spanish Lessons
-Network News
-Voices of Ohio’s Pioneer Employee Owners
-An Open Letter to President Obama
-Managing Your ESOP Company in a Recession
-Succession Planning Program
-In Memoriam - Rich Biernacki, Norm Brennan, Rick Judy
-Book Reviews
-Upcoming Network Events
...Build Enterprises with Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives175.2 KiB1778
Ashley Hernandez
1991:2 Employee Ownership As A Strategy For Black Economic Empowerment648.2 KiB661
Joyce Baugh
1991:4 Hard Hats and Hard Decisions: The Evolving Union Role In Employee-Owned Firms916.4 KiB1182
Jim Bado and John Logue
1991:5 Demoncratc Theory and Antheoretical Democracy: Building Democratic Enterprises In the American Economy1.4 MiB1151
John Logue