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Owners at Work: Summer 201718.5 MiB627
Chris Cooper
Table of Contents
Upcoming Event: Fiduciary Program - 4
OAW Interviews
Mary Ann Beyster - 6
Chris Michael - 8
Thomas Dudley & Kramer Sharp - 10
OEOC Annual Conference: Cindy Turcot Keynote
Speech - 14
OEOC Annual Conference: Award Winners - 18
OEOC Annual Conference: Photo Gallery - 25
OEOC Sponsors - 26
OAW Fall:Winter 2016 Full Final Fall Winter 201616.2 MiB515
Owners at Work: 2013 Summer9.4 MiB1466
How Risky Are Acquisition Loans for new ESOPs?
“Your Story Makes the Difference.” J. Michael Keeling, ESOP Association, Morning Keynote Speech
The 27th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference: Employee Ownership: Building Jobs, Wealth & Communities
“Is Employee Ownership Really Worth It?" Corey Rosen, National Center for Employee Ownership, Lunch Keynote Speech
Ohio’s Top 50
Book Review: Gar Alperovitz, What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution
OAW Winter 2015:16 Full Final8.3 MiB1365
Owners At Work: 2016; Volume XXVII, No. 2 (Winter)8.1 MiB210
Ohio Employee Ownership News
Employee Ownership News
To Redeem or Recycle, That is the Question
30th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
2016 Ohio’s Employee-Owned Network Events
Investing in their Success
The OAW Interview: Joseph Clayton
2016 Cooperative Development Center Events
ESOP Participation Requirements: An Obstacle to Building an
Ownership Culture?
The OAW Interview: Using Video in internal and External Communications
A Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives Manual6.6 MiB1041
"Multi-stakeholder cooperatives (MSCs) are co-ops that formally allow for governance by representatives of two or more “stakeholder” groups within the same organization, including consumers, producers, workers, volunteers or general community supporters."
Multistakeholder Co-op Manual6.6 MiB7605
Owners at Work: 2002 Winter 6.6 MiB989
Table of Contents
Is Employee Ownership Better for Your Health?
Employees Buy Appleton Papers
Employee Ownership on European Union Agenda
Securing the Future of Subchapter S ESOPs
New Congressional Scrutiny of Employee Ownership
Update: The Steel Crisis Worsens
Crocus fund Grows, Renews Winnipeg
The Power of NEON: YSI’s New Employee Orientation Network
Employee Ownership and Community Commitment
16th Annual Employee Ownership Conference
The Real World of Employee Ownership
Network News
Center Will Miss Departing Staff Member
2002 Network Schedule of Programs
New Financial Game for Employee Owners
Job Opening at the OEOC
Succession Planning Program Seminar Schedule
Employee Ownership for Democracy
Owners At Work Sponsors
Is Employee Ownership Better for Your Health?6.6 MiB877
David Erdal
from Owners at Work: Winter 2011
Owners at Work: 2000 Winter 6.5 MiB729
Envisioning Employee Ownership, Part One
Steel Crisis Hits Employee-Owned Firms
Employee Ownership in the Airlines by Mark Miller
Transforming Workers Into Owners
Repurchase Obligation Challenges and Solutions for Sub-S ESOPs
How Have Employee-Owned Companies Fared?
Whither Employee Ownership? by Corey Rosen
Louis Kelso's Economic Vision for the 21st Century by Norman G. Kurland and Dawn K. Brohawn
Capital Ownership Group Goes Online
-Jeremy Best, Owning Your Own Job: Employee Ownership in Action (London: Partnership Resarch, 1999). 88pp
-Larkspur Data's Pension/Benefit DataMaster (CD-ROM)
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