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YSI's New Employee Orientation Network114.8 KiB1187
Karen Thomas
The YSI Story 477.3 KiB480
Deb Stottlemyer, YSI
Great Places to Work: Sharing Our Success, YSI692.8 KiB549
Lisa Abel
Labour Sponsored Funds in Canada 341.9 KiB650
Arlene Wortsman, Arlene Wortsman & Associates
Sharing our Success1.9 MiB1130
Leslie Schaller (Casa Nueva)
Worker-Owners and Unions: Why Can't We Just Get Along?183.7 KiB1013
Dan Bell
Dollars and Sense September-October 2006 pp. 33-38
Worker Owned Restaurant Promotes Health Entrees and Entrepreneurs2.2 MiB1702
Karen Thomas
Owners At Work: 2010 Winter2.8 MiB4957
Employee Ownership News 3
Expansion Strategy: Incubated Startups at EBO 7
30 Years of ESOP Success at Davey Tree Experts
Unsolicited Offers to Buy: What to Do?
Network News
Expanding Outreach for new ESOPs and Coops
In Memoriam: John Logue
Book Review: Matt Hancock, Compete to Cooperate
Index to Owners At Work Volumes 16-20
Upcoming Network Events
Owners At Work: 2011 Winter 2.4 MiB2922
Employee Ownership News 3
Ohio Employee Ownership News 5
“There Is So Much Future In What We Do” - Casa Nueva 6
Multi-stakeholder Cooperative 9
A New Approach to Outside Offers 10
A Veteran and a Novice Look At ESOPs 12
Opinion: Valuators Should Not Be Fiduciaries 14
Friends of the Center Honor Roll 15
Network News 16
OEOC News 18
OEOC Sources and Uses of Cash 18
Evergreen Cooperatives Are Taking Root and Growing 19
Protect Your Culture of Ownership 20
Book Review: Shared Capitalism at Work 21
Co-Sponsors 22-23
Upcoming Network Events 24
Owners at Work: 2009 Winter 4.2 MiB2779
-Employee Ownership News
-Ohio ESOP News
-Employee Owners Revive Their Company - Maumee Authority Stamping
-ESOPs in the Auto Industry: Round 2? - Corey Rosen
-Cleveland Goes to Mondragon
-Spanish Lessons
-Network News
-Voices of Ohio’s Pioneer Employee Owners
-An Open Letter to President Obama
-Managing Your ESOP Company in a Recession
-Succession Planning Program
-In Memoriam - Rich Biernacki, Norm Brennan, Rick Judy
-Book Reviews
-Upcoming Network Events
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