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What is an Employee Cooperative?34.6 KiB10074
John Logue
What is an Employee Cooperative?
How does it work?
An introduction for employee-members
John Logue
Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Kent State University
ESOPs--Accounting Issues and Considerations 191.1 KiB7741
Peter J. Chudyk
Multistakeholder Co-op Manual6.6 MiB7599
The "Seven Deadly Sins" of ESOP Valuations108.7 KiB6620
Brian Bornino and Joseph Borowski
ESOP “Age 55 Distributions” and Diversification 352.5 KiB6175
Tina Fisher, SES Advisors; Wendy Lankes, RK Schaaf Associates, Inc.; Deb Groban Olson, Law Offices of Deborah Groban Olson and Steve Wilt, CAPTrust Financial Advisors
Misconceptions about ESOP Fiduciary Responsibility and Liability200.9 KiB5669
Bill McIntyre
from Owners at WOrk, Summer 2005
Five misconceptions about esops relationship with 401k plans215.0 KiB5160
Bill McIntyre
From Owners at Work, Spring 2012
Owners At Work: 2010 Winter2.8 MiB4957
Employee Ownership News 3
Expansion Strategy: Incubated Startups at EBO 7
30 Years of ESOP Success at Davey Tree Experts
Unsolicited Offers to Buy: What to Do?
Network News
Expanding Outreach for new ESOPs and Coops
In Memoriam: John Logue
Book Review: Matt Hancock, Compete to Cooperate
Index to Owners At Work Volumes 16-20
Upcoming Network Events
Taxation of Patronage Dividends from Worker Cooperatives32.5 KiB4716
Gregory R. Wilson
Are they Subject to Employment Tax?
Control vs. Minority Interests and Marketability Discounts for ESOPs 118.8 KiB4431
Richard A. Schlueter, Comstock Valuation Advisors
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