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Growing Ohio's High Road Jobs in the Global Economy 3.0 KiB547
Mary Landry, Maryland Brush
Responses: Joseph Cabral on management 4.1 KiB774
2009 Registration5.8 KiB192
Responses: Michael Keeling on "the intent of Congress" 6.9 KiB970
Findings from mutual insurance company de-mutualization 7.3 KiB767
Frederick Schroath, Kent State University
Responses: Joseph Blasi and Douglas Kruse on the research 10.0 KiB1277
ESOP Committee Success Stories 11.3 KiB887
Chris Aguilar, R.J. Martin Electrical Contracting
2009 Sponsorship12.4 KiB217
Effective Management Techniques 2004-6 Survey of Ohio ESOPs-6Survey 13.1 KiB594
Jacquelyn Yates and John Logue, Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Responses: Ben Wells on financial commitment and employee ownership 13.6 KiB977
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