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New Evidence Shows Impact of Ohio's Employee-Owned Network233.7 KiB245
from Owners at Work: Summer 2004
GrowNOW Get3offESOPloanFlyerL 1.5 MiB247
Agreement Between RES and USW November1989 6.4 MiB248
Regional Food Hubs: Linking Producers to New Markets1.3 MiB258
Leslie Schaller, Worker‐Owned Restaurant Corporation Casa Nueva, Business Director and Founder
A Discussion Guide to Sustainability 92.7 KiB258
Leadership, Participation & Business Survival 292.6 KiB263
by Bill Beattie (Bardons & Oliver)
OEOC Annual Report 2012-2013326.2 KiB263
OEOC Publications List 419.4 KiB269
The comprehensive list of publications available from the OEOC.
Closing Speeches 39.4 KiB275
John Logue, Ohio Employee Ownership Center
2013 Conf-ESOP Acquisitions & Divestitures Engel-Bornino-DeDominicis-Brown 130419812.3 KiB302