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Best Practices in Managing, Governance & Strategic Planning in ESOPs 374.3 KiB718
Jeff Evans, The Will-Burt Company
Tax Incentives for S-Corp ESOPs and Their Related Additional Regulations and Implications. S Corporation vs. C Corporation ESOPs 136.1 KiB2166
Stephen Smith, Krieg DeVault
Best Practices in Managing, Governance & Strategic Planning in ESOPs 198.4 KiB804
Jack Veale, PTCFO
Beyond the Buzzwords for High Performance. Journey to Gold 770.9 KiB731
Diane Bartlett, ACRT
Employee-Driven Buyouts Using ESOPs. Employee Buyout at NewPage 761.1 KiB783
Steve Brown & Mark Dixon of Glatfelter, USW Local 731
ESOP Account Benefit Distribution Alternatives, Issues & Implications 91.0 KiB1325
Tim Jochim, Jochim & Associates; Melissa Spencer, Swerdlin company; Pete Shuler, Crowe Chizek
ESOP Trustees – Current Issues & Legal Update. Insurance to Protect ESOP Trustees 78.1 KiB886
Jeff Gelburd, Marsh USA
Labour Sponsored Funds in Canada 341.9 KiB536
Arlene Wortsman, Arlene Wortsman & Associates
Owners at Work: 1992 Spring 3.1 MiB840
Ohio's Employee Owners Produce Award-Winning Performances
Making Better Decisions: Employee Participation at Reuther Mold
Owners Share ESOP Insights: What advice would you give someone considering an ESOP?
"Talking Stock" in a Newly-Formed ESOP by Mike Bailey of Quincy Castings
Total Workforce Responsibility: A Network Joint Venture
Owners at Work: 1993 Spring 4.0 MiB796
Table of Contents
Study Shows that ESOPs are Good Business for Ohio
Does Employee Ownership Have a Role in Russia's Future?
Quincy Casting is Remolding Itself as an ESOP
Employee Owners are Providing New Ideas by Diane Kruis of Mantaline
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