Employee Owner Retreat


The Employee Ownership Foundation’s
Summer 2018
Employee Owner Retreat

Downers Grove/Chicago IL
Wed. August 8 – Fri. August 10, 2018

Staffed by the Ohio Employee Ownership Center (OEOC), Kent State University

Employee Owner Retreat 2018 Registration form and Hotel Information

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Contact Chris Cooper at the OEOC – 330-672-3028

The Employee Owner Retreats are a three-day, off-site training seminars staffed by the Ohio Employee Ownership Center, where non-managerial employee owners learn from and interact with their peers from other ESOP companies. In small groups, structured exercises, and informal discussions, employee owners develop new skills and a new perspective on employee ownership at their respective companies.

While any employee owner is welcome, the program is designed primarily to give hourly and salaried non-managerial employees an opportunity to learn with and from their peers. Typically, attendees come from outstanding ESOP companies, both service and manufacturing, where developing a culture of ownership is considered an important aspect of corporate success. Participants are often ESOP champions, members of the board of directors, ESOP committees, problem solving teams, or company trainers, and informal non-managerial leaders. Sending 3 to 6 co-employees raises the effectiveness in bringing the learning back.

Attendees from Previous Employee Owner Retreats say:
“I think this retreat was a positive experience and has given me a lot of good ideas to take back to my company. Very helpful!”
“I learned a lot from presenters and employee owners. Thank you.”
“Thanks guys you made it interesting for all.”
“Very valuable, and an opportunity to meet other champions, share ideas, and create resources.”
“Really informative, will bring the ideas back to my company.”
“I thought it was wonderful.”
“It was a great learning experience.”


Retreat Program
The Employee Owner Retreat introduces employee owners to skills, knowledge and peer contacts that will make their participation as owners even more effective.

Ownership Communication Forum & Knowledge Sharing
ABCs of ESOPs & The ESOP Game
Understanding Financial Information & Financial Analysis
Team Problem Solving Skills

Sharing Experiences

Cost for Members of The ESOP Association: $525 for first participant; $415 for additional participants from the same firm (Non-members of the ESOP Association pay $725 and $550). Includes meals and materials. In order to maintain a conducive learning environment, attendance will be limited.

Employee Owner Retreat 2018 Registration form and Hotel Information

CLICK Here to register online

Questions Contact Maya Van Buren 202-293-2971, meetings@esopassociation.org or the Ohio Employee Ownership Center (OEOC) 330-672-3028, oeoc@kent.edu