Archived Webinars

October 1, 2013 – Accounting 101 for ESOP companies
Presented by Bill Schramm and Pete Chudyk, Moloney & Novotny
. This webinar will focus on the financial statement impact for partial and fully owned ESOP companies. It will detail the balance sheet and income statement impact, as well as the disclosure requirements for such companies.

October 9, 2013 – Key Roles in Your ESOP – The Fiduciary Issues
Presented by Sharon Hearn and Alex Mounts, Krieg Devault –
In today’s challenging economic environment, members of a company’s Board of Directors, corporate officers, ESOP trustees and ESOP committee members need to make sure that they properly understand their roles and responsibilities.

October 16, 2013 –  ESOP’s – Just another Benefit? How Other Employee Benefits Can Compliment an ESOP
Presented by Daniel Riemenschneider, Bruner Cox 
–Your total Benefits and Rewards package is an important expenditure for your business. This session will explore the options when structuring a comprehensive benefit and compensation plan for your company. We will examine the tax issues with Employee Benefit Plans in general as they are related to either an S-Corp or C-Corp ESOP.

March 6, 2013 – DOL Enforcement and ESOPs; Current Issues
Presented by Dale R. Vlasek, Attorney, McDonald Hopkins LL
This program will discuss the US Department of Labor regulations that ESOP companies should be aware of. It will also examine the proposed fiduciary definition including appraisers and look at the trend of cashing out participants from company stock when they terminate employment.

March 8, 2013 – Explaining Ownership Culture
Presented by Christopher Mackin, President, Ownership Associates, Inc. 

Ownership Culture is a term that most ESOP employers have heard or seen in newsletters for conference brochures. It sounds good, but what is it? This webinar will explain the core foundations of ownership culture, differentiating between Ownership Facts, Ownership Skills, and Ownership Values and explaining how simple structures for employee participation can help make ownership real.

March 12, 2013 – An Appraisers Perspective on Acquisitions
Presented by Davin Gustafson, Principal, Apple Growth Partners

In this session we will get perspectives of an experienced ESOP valuator on how an acquisition may impact your valuation. He will also provide some strategic thought on structuring an acquisition, discuss some interesting tax and other planning opportunities, point out some of the common mistakes he has made or seen made, and focus on the elements that will help you truly enhance your company’s value.

October 2, 2012 – Practical Issues of the Repurchase Obligation – A Human Conversation
Presented by Tim Regnitz, Senior VP of SES Advisors and Jim Staruck, President / COO of GreatBanc Trust Company. This webcast will address the all-important subject of Repurchase Obligation (RO) from perhaps a different, more human point of view than is normally discussed. Tim Regnitz and Jim Staruck, two seasoned ESOP professionals, won’t be talking about the “arithmetic” of RO, but rather how you think about and approach the challenge of understanding and managing this critical obligation from all the different stakeholders perspectives associated with the company. 

October 9, 2012 – Board Evolution – What’s best for YOUR ESOP or closely held/Family Owned Company?
Presented by Jack Veale, President/CEO PTCFO, Inc.
As with all corporations, ESOP’s are required to have a board of directors. But what KIND of board is best for your company?

October 23, 2012  – Creating Incentive Plans to Support Your ESOP
Presented by Alex Freytag, COO, Ownership Thinking. 
– Most incentive plans don’t work. Why? Many times they are overly complicated. Participants will obtain the tools they need to ensure that their employees are actively involved in driving business performance. 

March 15, 2012 – Basic ESOP Administration Primer
Presented by Tom Roback and Kelly Almond of Blue Ridge ESOP Associates –
 ESOP administration is specialized and can be a complex process. This webcast will lay out the ESOP administration process so plan sponsors can understand what is important and why their provider needs complete information.

March 20, 2012  – Repurchase Obligations: Moving From Study to Strategy – Presented by Judith Kornfeld of ESOP Economics Inc. If you are like most ESOP companies, you have some important questions about repurchase obligations: a) How big will they be, and when will they occur? b) Can we afford them without hampering our growth? and c) What is the best way to manage and fund them? A simple repurchase obligation study will only go so far in helping you answer these questions, because these obligations affect earnings, cash flow, and potentially stock value. Come to this webinar to learn a different approach to long-term ESOP planning that will help you really answer your repurchase obligation questions.

March 29, 2012 – Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins in setting up an ESOP Communications Committee
Presented by Cathy Ivancic of Workplace Development Inc. –
Whether you are establishing a new committee or revitalizing an old committee, this webinar will provide ideas about how to avoid common pitfalls in establishing an ESOP Communications Committee. With engaging stories based on real world committee experiences, the webinar will explore how to get started or restarted with an ESOP communication committee so that the team can support company success.  The session will examine both the situations where an ESOP communication will not be effective and where it can become an important element of ESOP excellence. 

April 5, 2012ESOP Benefit Distributions: a Critical Administrative Issue
Presented by Pete Shuler of Crowe Horwath LLP –
Distributions are, perhaps, the most confusing aspect that you will encounter with regard to your ESOP.  This webinar will provide a review of the legal framework for distributions, but we will quickly get into the mechanics of distributions. Specifically, we will tell you how to determine who gets a distribution, the amount they are entitled to receive, and the form of their payment.  We will also discuss forms and disclosures you must provide and the correct handling of tax withholding and reporting.

April 10, 2012- Valuation – a Black Box Demystification: Understanding the ESOP Valuation Report
Presented by Scott Miller of Enterprise Services, Inc. –
 This webinar will focus on the fundamentals that are essential to reviewing and understanding the appraisal. We will consider such things as defining the standard of value, considering the ownership attributes, reviewing defensible valuation theory, and unique ESOP attributes impacting value. This high energy session will enhance your understanding and provide the tools you need to understand ESOP valuation reports.

To answer any questions you may have, or for further information concerning these events please contact Chris Cooper at the Ohio Employee Ownership Center 330-672-3028.