What We Do

The Ohio Employee Ownership Center engages in a variety of outreach activities and educational / consulting services that support its mission to broaden capital ownership. We promote the notion that encouraging businesses to skillfully plan transitions in ownership and share equity with their workers will have a positive effect on job retention, wealth creation, and economic development. Highlights of what we offer are:

Technical Assistance – the OEOC provides free preliminary technical assistance to Ohioans (both employees and employers) that are interested in exploring the possibility of employee ownership.

Business Ownership Succession Planning – the OEOC’s Succession Planning Program (SPP) offers an information and training resource to business owners who are in need of planning for their eventual transition in ownership.

Education and Training through the Ohio Employee Owned Network – the OEOC provides advice and a wide variety of programs and educational opportunities for companies currently with Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP’s) or Cooperatives.

Education and organizational development for existing employee-owned companies – the OEOC staff offers employee ownership training and organizational development (OD) to individual employee owned companies on a fee for service basis.

Conferences – for the past 31 years, the OEOC has conducted an annual Employee Ownership conference which today is regarded as the largest one-day gathering of its kind in the USA. Additional regional conferences are planned as well. Click here for Event Calendar

Community Development – the OEOC works closely with urban economic development organizations to help create wealth and jobs. For example, efforts with the University of Maryland’s Democracy Collaborative and the Cleveland Foundation have resulted in a project whose mission it is to create an inner city laundry business organized as a Cooperative, called Evergreen.

Research – the OEOC’s research program is designed to distill and disseminate best practices from the experiences of Ohio companies and to diagnose systematic problems.

Loans to Employee Owned Companies – since 2004 the OEOC has administered the Common Wealth Revolving Loan Fund which is a community development financial fund which loans money to employee owned companies or co-ops for employee buyouts, equipment purchases, and working capital.

Professional Membership – the OEOC offers membership to professional service providers familiar with business exit planning, ownership succession, and employee ownership. Although the OEOC does not provide legal, accounting, or valuation services it does maintain a database of lawyers, bankers, valuators, and other professionals who specialize in these and related services.

Publications – the OEOC publishes practical manuals, training materials, and research reports on employee ownership. All can be ordered from our website.