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November 2015

Dear Friend of the OEOC,

I want you to imagine a company – a company where employees are treated as an asset and not just an expense; a company where all employees (from the top to the bottom) share in both the risks and rewards of ownership; a company that taps into the entrepreneurial spirit that is inside all of us; a company that is more productive, more profitable, and more viable in good times and bad.

Is such a different way of doing business possible? Can such a company be real, and not just a figment of our imagination? Friend, we know that this type of company is not imaginary; this type of company exists in cities and towns, large and small, all over Ohio and the United States.

The type of company I am talking about is an employee owned company; employee owned companies that are, as I write this, helping to transform the economy in Ohio and beyond.

Over the last 30 years, the OEOC has focused tirelessly on promoting employee ownership, deepening employee participation, retaining businesses and jobs, and increasing living standards for working families and their communities. When you join us today by making a tax-deductible donation of $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1000 to the OEOC, you join us in our mission of expanding employee ownership in Ohio and beyond.

With the upcoming November 2016 national election in the headlines everyday, we all have a front row seat for various prescriptions from all the candidates on how to “turn the economy around” and how to “build an economy that works for everyone.” All of us will have to wait and see what the election will bring and what proposals will be made to address the country’s economic concerns. Yet we at the OEOC know that the best solution to getting our economy to work for everyone is with employee ownership. We are asking you to support the OEOC’s efforts to expand employee ownership by making your donation today. 

Your assistance is needed as much as ever, as state and federal budgets supporting our programs have been greatly diminished in recent years. With the reduction (or elimination) of public monies for Center activities, we have sought to provide the same level of services more efficiently; we need your support to continue to do this important work.

Your support will fund our work of promoting employee ownership, in which we are uniquely qualified to facilitate the advancement of employee ownership in Ohio and across this country. With your contribution, we can continue:

1) Assisting business owners in planning for their ownership succession, through our Business Succession Planning Program, which is timely considering the number of baby boomer business owners looking to retire. An ownership transition to the employees (rooted in their communities) leaves those businesses and jobs intact, and helps maintain the economy of our local towns and cities.

2) Growing our outreach, programming, and technical assistance to new and existing cooperatives through our Cooperative Development Center. Our main focus in this area is to assist small businesses as they convert to worker cooperatives.

3) Providing ongoing training and resources to existing employee owned companies. Employee owned companies take time to develop their ownership culture, and the OEOC’s training and education programs can help them meet their long term goals.

Specifics on what we have done with your previous contributions can be found on the included Annual Report.

The OEOC is well positioned to provide continuous assistance, especially to smaller businesses, through the transition process and into successful conversions to employee-owned operations, which will have positive impact in the local communities. The OEOC has engaged with several companies to help guide the business owners and employees through this complicated and time consuming process.

As a supporter of the OEOC, you can be proud in helping build on our past accomplishments, and extend our impact going forward.

Please consider making a contribution to the OEOC. Your contribution is tax exempt to the extent allowed by law.  Please complete and return the enclosed form and make checks payable to:  OEOC / KSU Foundation, (or you can make your contribution via credit card on our website at and click on the “Donate to the OEOC” link in the Resources menu on the right side). 

All of us at the OEOC wish you and your family a happy holiday season and all the best in 2016.


Roy J. Messing


2014/2015 Friends of the Center

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Davin and Jo Ann Gustafson

Dave Heidenreich
Hy-Tek Material Handling, Inc.
The Martindale Electric Co. (In memory of Dr. John Logue)
Mary Giganti
William McIntyre and Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre
Jim Steiker
United Steelworkers, District 1
Vistula Management Company

Eric Britton
George Cheney & Sally Planalp
Carl and Claire Draucker
Tom and Judy Maish
Van Olson
Tom Potts, Fiduciary Trust Services
Workplace Development, Inc.

Dr. Joyce Ann Baugh & Dr. Roger Hatch
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Findley Davies, Inc.
Norm Kurland, Center for Economic & Social Justice
Thomas E. Leary
Richard Maas
James Mahon and Paula Consolini (In memory of Ms. Evelyn Consolini & Mr. Gino Consolini)
Robert Massengill
Gerry and Bette Meyer
Mark C. Miller
National Center for Employee Ownership
Reuther Mold & Manufacturing Co.
Elizabeth Sholes
South Mountain Company Foundation
Sphere 1, Inc.
Martin Staubus
Karen Youngstrom

Other Contributors
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cooney
Kate Callum
Chris Cooper, In Memory of William J Cooper
Tina DiCroce
Brian Dunfee
David Ellerman (In memory of Dr. John Logue)
Don Jamison, VEOC
Kent Natural Foods Cooperative
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