Owners at Work, Summer 2013–Now Available!

coverInside this issue:

  • How Risky Are Acquisition Loans for new ESOPs?
  • The 27th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference: Employee Ownership: Building Jobs, Wealth & Communities
    • “Your Story Makes the Difference.” J. Michael Keeling, ESOP Association, Morning Keynote Speech
    • “Is Employee Ownership Really Worth It?” Corey Rosen, National Center for Employee Ownership, Lunch Keynote Speech
  • Ohio’s Top 50
  • Book Review: Gar Alperovitz, What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution

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2 thoughts on “Owners at Work, Summer 2013–Now Available!

  1. webster walker

    Thanks, PDF link does not work for me, i’m using Firefox for Windows but the error message says file is not there. FYI.

    1. oeoc@kent.edu Post author

      Pdf seems to work for me, but changed a setting that may be causing a problem. Perhaps you could try again and let me know if it’s fixed? Thanks!

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