Alaska, the “Last Frontier,” expected to see its first food cooperatives soon

The Alaska Dispatch recently announced that food co-ops may “change the way Alaskans shop for groceries.” Alaska, home to the most successful fishing co-op in the US, may soon be home to two new shopper-owned grocery stores. 

In Fairbanks, community members raised the idea of creating a central hub for local food and raised more a million dollars to move forward with the effort. The Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market is expected to open in late 2012 or early 2013. 

The food cooperative movement in Juneau arose out of need for a local grocery after the Alaskan and Proud Grocery closed unexpectedly in Fall of 2012. The Juneau co-op is currently at the planning stage. 

Read more about the cooperative food effort in Alaska on the Alaska Dispatch webpage.