Cooperatives: Doing Business Better

The Christian Science Monitor has a nice article highlighting the cooperative business model.

Two important points are made in the piece:

Co-ops worldwide represent much more than hippie grocery stores: They’re a fast-growing way to do business better in fields from finance to agriculture to industry…

…Cooperatives are more widespread than you might think. From banks and credit unions to apartment buildings to worker-owned businesses, co-ops appear in every facet of today’s economy. In most cases, they formed in response to economic crises like the Great Depression, or to let small groups compete in monopolized markets. In 2012, both of those conditions exist – and unsurprisingly, so do cooperatives.

All too often when talking to the general public about cooperatives, misconceptions and misunderstandings occur about the nature and scope of cooperative enterprises. The truth is, there is enough flexibility in the cooperative model to handle any type of business endeavour.